The Many Faces of Nomadic Matt

The Many Faces of Nomadic Matt

It takes a town to prop this site up. From tech and coding to structure to fixing bugs getting perusers books when downloads neglect to planning online life or running the discussions, I have a great deal of help. I essentially couldn’t run the site, compose, travel, eat, rest, or anything in the middle of on the off chance that I didn’t have the help and help of an astonishing gathering of individuals.

It’s not simply me composing and posting about my movements. I have a major gathering of full-time staff helping shuffle everything.

I understood a great deal of you don’t understand that thus, today, I needed to acquaint the group with you.

Along these lines, right away, here’s they are:


Erica has been working for me for just about six and a half years and is the occasions chief of The Nomadic Network, our movement network. She keeps this network flourishing. In her own words:

I experienced childhood in Connecticut and went to class in Virginia. During a quarter-life emergency at age 21, I decided to complete my last year of school on an experience in Qatar! From that second on, my life spun around voyaging efficiently with the cash I earned from waitressing. That financial plan got me to show English in Isaan, Thailand, and South Korea; ranch on St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean and Costa Rica; and volunteer in country Zambia. At age 26, I got back to Connecticut, resolved to find a new line of work in movement. Before long, I met Nomadic Matt at a movement get together in NYC, and the rest is history.

I entire heartedly accept that voyaging makes companions of outsiders, and the more companions there are on the planet, the more harmony there is on the planet.

13 Facts about Me

At 15, I helped assemble a school building in Nicaragua.

1. I cooked an American Thanksgiving feast for my Thai co-English educators in Thailand where scarcely any of the pureed potatoes, carrots and peas were eaten so my host-grandma took care of in to the priests for the next week unbeknownst to me.

I’ve removed my hair and given it to Locks of Love, twice!

I once chased for possums on the island of St. Vincent with a lot of Rastafarians. We got four and made soup. I was a vegan at that point.

In Costa Rica, I remained at in a supportable living network called Rancho Mastatal, where I figured out how to cultivate yuca, make brew out of turmeric, and manufacture a house out of cob.

I went through 11 days on a coconut water just quick at a yoga retreat in Cambodia, twice

I showed English in South Korea for 14 months and had the option to effortlessly set aside enough cash for 21 months of constant travel. I likewise showed the understudies how to utilize “boo” conversationally.

This music video I made used to be one of the top hits when you scanned for St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

In Zambia, my companion and I were given a live chicken as a present. We were veggie lovers, so we exchanged it for some recycled pants in the town’s market.

I got 19 individuals (the understudies and educators on a FLYTE stumble) into an air terminal parlor in Ecuador for nothing. I feel that is a movement hacking record!

My advanced degree was without altogether. How? I got a huge amount of small grants (I applied for everybody I could get my hands on) that additional up, being a Residential Assistant in the quarters, and concentrating in Qatar really set aside me cash (in the most costly nation on the planet).

In Korea, I dated a person who talked no English and we essentially conveyed through drawing pictures and presenting American rap verses.

The previous summer, I traveled to Tunisia with certain companions. I wish I could have remained longer – what a cool nation!

Chris O.

Chris joined the group as the low maintenance administrator of the discussions in 2015. From that point forward, he’s changed to full-time and has spread out into the Superstar Blogging project and causes me with the entirety of our different administrator assignments. In his own words:

I experienced childhood in an unassuming community in Ontario, Canada, and spent my early stages tuning in to underground rock, perusing Star Wars books, and by and large getting looking for trouble. Subsequent to jettisoning my deep rooted arrangement to be a legal counselor, I chose to check out movement. I made a beeline for Costa Rica spontaneously and have never thought back! It wasn’t long after that trip that I took a break from college (where I was considering history and theater) to move to a religious community in Japan in 2007. I’ve pretty much been meandering around from that point onward. Some remarkable undertakings incorporate taking the Trans-Siberian Railway across Russia and Mongolia, strolling the Camino de Santiago twice, and going on a 10-day excursion around Iceland with complete outsiders.

At the point when I’m not voyaging, I live in Sweden and can be discovered perusing, composing, or spending time with my salvage hound, Grimo.

13 Facts about Me

I went through nine months living in Buddhist cloisters.

I lived in a tent for a year.

I was once followed by a panther and pursued by a crocodile — on a similar outing.

I haven’t had liquor in 16 years.

I’ve broken every one of my fingers and toes, and my nose multiple times, and I’ve cracked both my wrists.

I chipped away at a natural ranch for a long time.

I co-possessed an eatery in Canada.

I grew up nearby to Avril Lavigne.

I composed a book (and am chipping away at another)

I played between painting Quidditch in secondary school and was our group’s Seeker.

I have a Star Wars tattoo.

I’ve been veggie lover for a long time.

I have a scar from a battle that broke out over which Norse god was “the best.”

Chris R.

Chris, otherwise known as The Aussie Nomad, is a (kinda) previous blogger who does all the tech and advancement work for the site. He keeps it running, fixes any blunders you find, and manages my continually changing plan wants. In his own words:

I’m enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in Western Australia by the sea shore with my astounding family. I got into the universe of blogging in the wake of leaving my place of employment, hiking around Europe and, as all Aussies do, undertaking a working occasion in the UK. Like we all who travel and experience passionate feelings for it, no one needs to return home thereafter.

That experience got me into making a sightseeing blog numerous years prior, which is the manner by which I originally came to know Matt. I have since repurposed my IT aptitudes from my previous lifestyle and framed my own business to assist different bloggers with their sites.

13 Facts about Me

I love Belgian lager (and I even wedded a Belgian).

I’ve worked with Matt the longest out of anybody here. (Take that group!)

I took off to knapsack Europe when I was 29.

I’m a promoter for Vegemite and accept all guests to Australia must attempt this national fortune.

One of my preferred exercises is to take a lengthy, difficult experience trip, particularly with loved ones.

I have no clue about how four-way stop signals in the U.S.A. don’t all wind up as mishaps.

I don’t drink Fosters. It’s an awful lager. Nobody in Australia really drinks it.

I like to consider myself a novice picture taker.

I bombed kindergarten as I wouldn’t bid farewell to the educator.

My first occupation was working in a store.

I can’t rest on a plane – regardless of to what extent the flight is.

I can name each Thomas the Tank Engine character because of my child.

I don’t drink espresso or get individuals’ affection for it. Tea as far as possible!


Raimee does the entirety of our online networking and substance promoting. She plans posts, changes my awful photographs so they look great on Instagram, works out our substance schedule, examines information, alters video, makes advanced showcasing efforts, and structures our online life illustrations! In her own words:

At the point when I was only 14 years of age, I took my first worldwide excursion to Honduras and Belize with my family. Since the time at that point, I’ve been snared on encountering new societies, associating with individuals from varying backgrounds, and finding out about myself and the world through the intensity of movement! In the wake of graduating with a degree in promoting and showcasing from Michigan State University and four years as an advanced advertising master, I understood that corporate life was not for me. My unquenchable need to encounter the world past a work area drove me to look for an occupation identified with movement. I’ve followed this blog for a long time, and now I get the opportunity to work for it remotely while I plan, oversee, and report on the web-based social networking accounts — and I love each second of it!

13 Facts about Me

I’m fixated on Harry Potter. I’ve perused each book in any event multiple times. In the event that I disclosed to you how often I’ve viewed the motion pictures, you most likely wouldn’t trust me.

I once spent time with Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter!) at a Red Wings game in Detroit, and really kept my cool the entire time (side note: He’s a SUPER decent person!)

Visiting the Harry Potter studio visit in London was perhaps the greatest days of my life.

My mother was fixated on the 80’s blood and gore flick Evil Dead directed by Sam Raimi, so she named me after him.

In the wake of having visited around 30 nations, Iceland is as yet my top pick.

My greatest travel dream is to take an excursion around New Zealand!

I attempt to peruse 1-2 book(s) EVERY week!

I used to play the saxophone (and I wish I despite everything did!)

I vanquished my dread of statures by hopping off a precipice in Croatia — twice!

I main avenues for affection and was near being conversant in German during school.

I’ve acted in a couple of free and short movies and as an extra in some system TV appears (I even have an IMDB page!)

In another life, I would have been a movie chief/maker. Perhaps sometime in the not so distant future!

My preferred number is 13.


Carmela is the Executive Director of our non-benefit FLYTE that makes venture out available to underserved youth from the nation over. She handles everything without exception from gathering pledges, working with our accomplice schools to design understudy trips abroad, associating with our mind blowing benefactor network, and dealing with our volunteer group.

Brought up in New Jersey, I had the benefit of taking my first universal outing when I was 3 to visit my family in the Philippines where I would not ride the neighborhood jeepneys on the grounds that they didn’t have safety belts! From that point forward, my affection for movement has developed. In 2012, my better half, Raymund, and I took a round the